Silver Thread Update

The new Silver Thread 5 committee is Bill O'Neill, Julia Ziobro, Marek
Parker, and Frank Holmgren. Rest assured that at least one of us is
going to read your message soon. Probably we all will, and then we
will smile and be happy to have your news. More importantly, we will
add it to the information to include in the Silver Thread Update Five.
We hope to release this update later this year.

We didn't originally ask for this, but it would be awesome if you
would reply to this mail with a current photo of yourself, preferably
a clear face or head and shoulders shot... it is so much fun to see
what everyone looks like these days!

On a more somber note, if you know of peace marchers who have died
since the last Silver Thread update in 1996, any information, up to
and including a short memorial and a photo, would be much appreciated.

In the meantime, please consider attending the huge 25th reunion this
summer in California from August 1 - 7... more information here:

You can go here to see who's registered already:

If you use Facebook, you can instantly get in touch with almost four
hundred GPMers, view a bunch of photos, and enjoy a virtual breakfast
line conversation here: (we promise the
oatmeal will still be hot, and there might even be some coffee!)

Please feel free to share this email address: with any GPMer or friend of the GPM who
might have an address update, a bit of news to share, news of late
2011/early 2012 actions, or an inspiring thought or short piece of
writing to share. Thanks!